My advocates

With Richard I have reframed the way I lead people and projects. My leadership and my work now places purpose at the core - I ask the ‘why’ question before asking any other question. This shift has been profound with the result being greater clarity, connection and commitment for me, the people I work with, and the projects I deliver. And this simple reframe is contagious as I now find myself offering the same insight to others.
— Peter McDonald, UCA Minister & Executive Community Engagement Unit at Uniting Communities

Richard is a truly unique character, with an ability to drive real change in an organisation by introducing new ways of thinking and working, balanced with the practical realities of getting on with the job. His strong theoretical basis and deep experience, combined with quick thinking and fun personality meant he is a real pleasure to work with.
— Kane Thornton, Deputy CEO at Clean Energy Council

Richard is a wonderful coach, skilled facilitator, and a prolific generator of new and different ideas. He has a gift for synthesising life’s complexity into new forms that ‘just make sense’. Having worked together and been friends for more than a decade he continues to surprise me with his novel approaches to considering everyday challenges.
— Samantha Fernando, Head of Learning and Organisational Development at Clayton Utz

Thank you for the opportunity to be a key organisation for your Applied Innovation Think Tank. It was great to have so many excellent brains addressing issues facing Parkinson’s SA as well as your expert guidance of the day’s proceedings. Personally, I gained much from participating in the Think Tank and seeing what people came up with in terms of ideas.
— Christine Belford, CEO of Parkinson’s SA

When I think of Richard I think of infinite possibilities and inspiration, someone who can challenge and inspire me to stretch myself further and find my true purpose. I marvel at his seemingly endless supply of energy and his capacity to inspire and motivate. He always manages to enlighten and push me in new directions that I somehow managed to not see. Whether working through personal or professional career decisions, or coaching me to a new level of performance in music, Richard will always have something new or surprising up his sleeve to challenge my way of thinking and get me out of the mud.
— Lauren Moloney, Business Analysis Team Lead, Project Glue, ANZ

I absolutely love working with Richard - I never get tired of his honesty and creative genius. Richard is an energetic, intelligent spark who brings fresh ideas to the table every time. He is one of those rare people who seems to be across most new theories, concepts and models; along with a whole raft of his own. I know that I have to be on my toes and am ready for some though provoking insight as well as the opportunity to learn a lot when we meet. And his genuineness also allows me to contribute to our work together in new ways and gives me a whole new energy.

Richard helps me play a different game - getting outside of my comfort zone and building confidence in what I know, where I spend my time and what might be possible.
— Adam Gibson, Organisational Capability Manager at AustralianSuper

Rarely do you meet an individual with deep expertise in two disciplines, let alone two as different yet inextricably linked in today’s workplace as behavioural psychology and business management. Richard Harmer is one such individual.

Richard’s broad experience consulting has given him an understanding of the pressures that influence businesses, whilst his psychology background allows him to provide invaluable insights into how to optimise employee and team effectiveness through sound leadership.

His counsel has been invaluable in assisting me understand the impact of change within my own team and to develop strategies to manage this change and optimise outcomes.
— Sindy Martino, National Sales Manager at bioCSL