Dr. Richard Harmer

I am often asked about my background and what it is that I do and I usually respond, "It depends on what day of the week it is!"

As the Founder and CEO of The Holos Group, I work with CEOs and senior leaders to change the game of organisational and industry performance to deliver breakthrough results. As the creator of #creativityPRISM and co-creator of The 3rd Space, I am a game designer and work with individuals and teams needing to undertake rapid innovation and work collaboratively together to solve tricky problems. As the Founder of THG Studios, I am a smartphone 'app' publisher and product designer that creates tools  to accelerate idea generation and foster greater open source innovation (check out my #creativityPRISM app on iTunes and the website for my Imaginal Cards product). As the researcher and developer behind the Leadership Evolution & Actualisation Profile and the Customer Advocacy Performance Profile I publish and distribute customised assessments that assist individuals and organisations to achieve their highest potential.  And as a futurist, coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, strategic advisor and group process host I catalyse, crystallise and cohere different thinking for people in support of creating new and more viable futures. 

So what do all of my efforts have in common?  

I am a prolific idea generator and ideapreneur - and I challenge the status-quo and make things happen. I am dynamic and visionary. I  connect-the-dots of issues quickly and in ways that catalyse individual commitment and action. And I lead with a unique combination of big-picture thinking coupled with pragmatic application; large-scale commerciality balanced with “boot strapping” entrepreneurialism; and creativity and innovation with a keen eye on delivering tangible business results.

I've also done the hard yards to be able to do what I do.

I've worked within organisations across a range of industries and held senior level positions in organisations both large and small as well as several start-up companies, one of which was listed in BRW’s Top 100 Fastest Starters. For most of my professional career my unique 'edge' has been an ability to quickly spot new opportunities to deliver business and social value, coupled with a knack for building teams that unlock collective potential, capitalise on combined strengths, and inspire sustained high-performance.

And I have the academic background too.

Somewhere along the way I also obtained a Masters level qualifications in psychology, sociology and statistical analysis from Swinburne University of Technology, and a PhD in Developmental Psychology from Australian Catholic University. My PhD research examined individual identity formation and leader capacity development with a particular focus on how individuals and groups build the capacity to successfully navigate accelerating complexity in life and work.

One more thing ... in my spare time, I can be found standing behind the lens of my camera trying to find the one ‘perfect shot’ of what it means to be fully human in this complex and chaotic world of ours. 



  • PhD (Developmental Psychology)
  • MA (Organisational Health Psychology)
  • BA (Hons) (Psychology, Statistics & Data Analysis)
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Development (Harvard University)
  • Registered Psychologist