My Manifesto

Be radically creative, no excuses! Always ask why before committing to how. Life is an experiment, so keep experimenting. Begin anywhere, start now. Revel in the possibilities. Test boundaries from their other side. Be true to your 'future to now' focus. Don’t be afraid of the responsibilities that come with creating greater freedom for yourself, and for others. And remember, courage is non-negotiable!

My Focus

Idea Map

I'm an ideapreneur. I challenge current paradigms, create new possibilities, and realise different futures.

And as an ideapreneur, I am always generating new and novel ideas and approaches to delivering business value and social impact.

The best way to describe how I do this is by sharing a simple model I have identified, which I call the Idea Map. The Idea Map uses two key idea generation principles: Different Thinking and Future Thinking.


My Work

I work with individuals, teams, organisations and eco-systems to catalyse, crystallise and cohere different thinking and uncover, unlock and unleash hidden potential.

I work as a coach, mentor and sounding-board; facilitator, consultant and strategic advisor; wisdom weaver, innovation shaper and idea ‘time traveller'.

I work in a wide range of contexts with diverse groups of people using both closed and open system innovation methodologies to generate new thinking and novel approaches that are 'purpose-ready' for the future.


My Playground

In all that I do and everyone I work with, I am inspired to #makeawesomehappen - 'awesome' is my playground.

And with ideas for delivering business value and social impact absolutely everywhere, I feel pretty inspired most of the time! 

In making awesome happen, I have codified a seven-step process for taking a game-changing idea mainstream, which I call the Ideapreneur Journey - a highly focused, practical and results-oriented approach to accelerating innovation efforts.


My Impact

“I can’t recommend Richard highly enough ... he’s had a massive impact on all aspects of my life ... yet it’s actually quite hard to explain how he works. There is just something in the way his mind thinks, his creative energy,  and the places he can take you that words can’t really do justice in explaining. Basically, prepare for your mind to be expanded and for new paths to open up that will have you dancing to an entirely new groove."

 — Lauren Moloney, Business Analysis Team Lead, Project Glue, ANZ